Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence System 2020

Amazon's Artificial Intelligence System

Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence System Can Set Up Medical Records From Patient And Doctor Talks

Amazon is confident that the company’s latest Web Services tool will help doctors communicate more with patients and spend more time. Amazon has named this tool Amazon Transcribe Medical. With this tool, doctors can easily communicate with patients. This tool is used by Deep Learning Software to diagnose patient medical. Can create history.

Amazon has not yet published any research that suggests this tool is working.

Doctors will also be able to use this tool with Comprehend Medical, introduced last year by Amazon. This tool can extract information such as food and symptoms from random medical transcripts.

Earlier this year, Amazon also launched a new service called Amazon Care. This service allows company employees to consult a virtual doctor. Amazon claims that its new tool meets all federal government regulations regarding transcribe medical privacy.

Amazon's Artificial Intelligence System

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Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence System


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