Scarlet fever diagnosis

Causes of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever is a bacterial infection caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria that results in a rash & fever. Group beta-hemolytic streptococci produce an erythrogenic toxin that causes Pink fever & Scarlet fever rash pictures. The incubation period for Pink fever is about twelve hours to seven days. Scarlet fever or pink fever or scarlatina is an illness involving a distinctive pink-red rash. Scarlet fever mainly affects children. Its rash pictures help in the diagnoses of scarlet fever, Scarlet fever rash pictures on the different parts of the body given here:

Scarlet fever rash pictures on chest

Picture of scarlet fever is characterized by a scarlatiniform rash & usually occurs with group A strep pharyngitis. It can also follow wound infections. Quality of the outbreak typically includes an Erythematous rash that blanches on pressure.

Physically a doctor can quickly diagnose scarlet fever in adults & children by looking at the signs & symptoms.

Scarlet fever sign
  • In most cases, the patient’s history & physical exam will result in a possible diagnosis of scarlet fever. e.g., the physical exam may reveal Pastia’s signs or Thompson’s signs where pink or red lines form in skin creases of the armpits & groin. The lines may form before the rash develops & may remain as pigmented lines after skin peeling off. However, a doctor may obtain a throat culture or swabs from a wound or other sites of infection to determine if group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS) is present. Unfortunately, there are many other infections, like measles, that can cause both a skin rash & a fever. Isolation of group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus(GABHS) usually is enough to confirm the diagnosis of scarlet fever. If GABHS is not identified, the symptoms & signs are likely due to another underlying problem.

Scarlet fever rash pictures

Picture of scarlet fever -Peeling off the hands, feet, elbows, & knees occur during healing. Sometimes, peeling in these locations may be the sole dermal sign of a mild, deal with streptococcal infection.

scarlet fever diagnoses

Lymph nodes in a child’s neck

The cervical lymph nodes, observed on the neck, are the most commonplace of lymphadenopathy. Nearly all kids get lymphadenopathy at some time. That is because enlarged glands often occur with bacterial or viral infections like colds, strep throat, or the flu.

Scarlet fever-lymph- node

The bacterial cause of strep throat

Look at the condition of your child’s throat, tonsils, & tongue, If your doctor suspects strep is the cause of your child’s illness, he or she will also swab the tonsils & back of your child’s throat to collect material that may harbor the strep bacteria.

Tests for the strep bacteria are necessary because many conditions can cause the signs & symptoms of scarlet fever, & these illnesses may require different treatments. If there are no strep bacteria, then some other factor is causing the disease.

Scarlet fever

The differential diagnosis for Scarlet fever

The differential diagnosis includes other causes of fever accompanied by erythematous eruptions. Recurrent instances of pink fever or scarlet fever rash pictures did pronounce from reinfection with traces unrelated to Streptococcus pyogenes.

Laboratory testing of scarlet fever

The sample of throat cultures sent to a laboratory where it determined if Group A streptococcus bacteria present. Blood test & urine tests are part of a complete medical workup.

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