ESA European space agency approves the mission1

ESA European space agency approves the mission

European ministers in charge of ESA European space agency approve space mission Hera. The goal of the mission is to conduct experiments to save humanity by destroying wandering planets on Earth. ESA and NASA are two partners in this $ 320 million mission. Under this mission, the ESA and NASA will send two spacecraft to the dual satellite system Didymos.


First, NASA will hit its Dart Probe at a speed of 13,320 miles per hour on a small planet, Dedimon, as large as a small planet. If the planet hits Earth, it can destroy a whole city. The process will record by the Italian cube set LICIACube. Then the diamond will reach here to assess the impact of the collision and measure the planet’s debris. ESA European space agency

In this mission, the diamond will have to raise two cube sets.

They will be able to fly separately near the surface of the planet and descend to the surface of the planet. These cube sets, shaped like briefs, will act as drones and collect important collision data. The purpose of this experiment is to understand the destruction of planets in defense of the earth.

Nasa (The acronym NASA” stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration)The term Aeronautics comes from the Greek words for “air” and “to sail. ESA and NASA are focused on the manageable lunar investigation made conceivable by collaboration – with space offices as well as with the private segment. The two organizations will keep on investigating logical coordinated effort on payloads and future missions to devastating the little planet. ESA European space agency