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How many types of fever are there?

Before knowing how many types of fever are there? it is important to know what a fever is? How many types of fever are there?

Definition of fever

When a human’s body temp. goes up the normal range of 98–100° F (36–37° Centigrade), it is called fever. Fever is a common medical sign. How many types of fever are there

It is also known as pyrexia, high temp. and controlled hyperthermia. It is a healthy body response to some of the conditions, the most common being infection, and fever a popular medical sign.

Fever is one of the body’s natural defense mechanisms for anti-bacteria and virus that can not live at a higher temp… As the body temp. goes up, the human may feel cold until it levels off and stops rising.

How many types of fever are there?


How many types of fever are there?

There are five patterns of fever:

  • Intermittent fever,
  • Remittent fever,
  • Continuous or sustained fever,
  • Hectic fever, and
  • Relapsing fever.

Remittent Fever.

With remittent fever, the temp. falls each day but not to standard.

Intermittent Fever.

In intermittent fever, the temp. is high up but falls to normal (37.2°C or below) each day,

Continuous or sustained fever.

It defined as a fever that does not fluctuate more than about 1 °C (1.5 °F) during 24 h, but at no time touches standard [38]. Continuous fever is like of lobar and gram-negative pneumonia, acute bacterial meningitis, typhoid, urinary tract infection, etc

Hectic fever.

It comes from heat and dryness and the slow fever born from the defect of a viscus is the cause.

Relapsing fever

It is a repeat febrile illness caused by own type of spirochete Borrelia and spread by lice or ticks.

Symptoms are

  • cyclic febrile trials with headache,
  • myalgia, and
  • vomiting continues for three to five days, separated by a gap of clear recovery.

How many types of fever are there?

Common Symptoms

  • When someone has a fever, signs, and symptoms are joined to
  • what is such as sickness behavior, and may include:
  • Hyperalgesia, or increased sensitivity to pain
  • Lethargy
  • Problems concentrating
  • Sleep lessness
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling cold when nobody else does
  • Shivering
  • Lack of appetite
  • Dehydration — preventable if the person takes plenty of liquids
  • Constipation
  • Depression

If the fever is high, there may also be confusion, delirium, extreme irritability, and seizures.

How will you measure temperature?

A few places of the body to note the temp. given under

In the mouth

Under the tongue inside the mouth temp. is over 98.6°F  or (37°C)

How many types of fever are there?

Under the arm

Under the arm the temp. is between over from 96.6°F or 35.9° C and 98° F  or 36.7° C

How many types of fever are there?

Inside the ear

Inside the ear temp. is over  99.5 °F. or 37.2 C.

How many types of fever are there?

In the rectum

The temp. in the rectum is over 100–101 °F. or 37.5–38°C.

How many types of fever are there?

A fever can be:
Low grade, from   38.1–39°C or 100.5–102.1°F
Moderate, from  39.1–40°C or 102.2–104.0°F
High, from   40.1-41.1°C or 104.1–106.0°F
Hyperpyrexia, above  41.1°C or 106.0°F How many types of fever are there?

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