MiraLax reviews of 2020 uses and side effects

MiraLax Reviews for Constipation

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Posted on 7/8/2020

Rated MiraLax for Chronic Constipation                                                                            Report

Like many other people, my single big complaint about Miralax is the part of the time I need to make clean up later. It works fine, yet it took me a day or three to find the right dose for me. I started with their advice dose, then reduced to a teaspoon a day, found that it to be very low, so added one teaspoon at a time, and at three teaspoons it is about right except for the cleaning matter. Has anyone here find another laxative that can be taken long term without any key side effects?

Posted on 7/6/2020

For Bowel Preparation…                                                                                                            Report. 

This was my 3rd Colonoscopy but the first time with Miralax. I ended up in the toilet and spent 15 hrs vomiting and had Severe abdominals Pain.

Posted on 7/1/2020

Rated MiraLax for Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)                                                       

Miralax saved my life. My IBS/c has become too much and I tried every constipation IBS medication there is without success. Finally, I found a mixture of relief with a small dose of linzess and a capsule of Miralax every day. It is been two months since I started this mix and my IBS symptom are almost absent. I go to the toilet once a day and for the first time in a long time, I feel usual again.

Posted 0n  6/21/2020

Rated MiraLax for Chronic  Constipation                                                                               

Currently, just trying to stay off the WC long fairly to get some sleep, it is three in the morning. I was normally constipated, had some irregularity recently, and judge to take one of the regular packets of Miralax makes. Took it about 1 pm today. I at last“went” about 5 pm or so.

Then as I lay down to go to sleep about the middle of the night I had to jump up and run to the toilet. In the toilet, I had severe cramps, gas, bloating, and waves of nausea!! I began to see death, I thought it was a good medicine but the same thing happened with other people. please stops taking this medicine! I am 26 with no health problems besides normal constipation, so it could act on anyone as it did me.

Posted on 6/9/2020

Rated MiraLax for Constipation                                                                                                       Report

Miralax is the worst drug I have ever used for relief. I was recently hospitalized for a bowel obstruction caused by scar tissue from previous surgeries & due to all the pain medication, of course, I became constipated. The doctor recommends Miralax so I took it for two days with very little success.

However, it is now over a week later since my last dose & the gas & bloating is obscene. I am hoping that starting a probiotic will resolve this discomfort very soon as I have to return to work tomorrow. I will never, ever take this drug again nor do I recommend anyone else subject themselves to this torture. Stick with suppositories & enemas if you are that backed up.

Posted on 05-26-2020

MiraLax Reviews for Constipation                                                                                                        Report.

MiraLax caused discomfort & ends up creating a mess. You will have minimal, sticky, nasty bowel movements, never evacuate effectively. You spend more time trying to get cleaned up than it is worth.

Posted on 05-17-2020

MiraLax Reviews for Irritable bowel syndrome-Constipation (IBS-C)                         Report

So I tried Miralax, & was expecting my asshole to blow to pieces because I took a shit ton! Well, guess what. have not to shit yet & still am full of shit. I have regretted buying this. Peace & hair grease hopefully, my rectum does not dismiss from my body.

Posted on 05-09-2020

MiraLax Reviews for Irritable bowel syndrome-Constipation (IBS-C)                         Report

MiraLax did not work after taking it for six days, but it gave me an irregular heartbeat. The doctor said, stop it.

MiraLax reviews of 2020 uses and side effects


Posted on 04-29-2020

MiraLax Reviews for Constipation-Chronic                                                                                   Report.

The first time to take after six hrs had painful stomach cramping, bloating will not use again.

Posted on 04-29-2020

MiraLax Reviews for Irritable bowel syndrome-Constipation (IBS-C)                          Report

Been using it on & off for fit remaining five years my IBS combine so bad I take in sofa bed crying, I take a full cap lay back down & when I eventually wake up, it hurts less & then usually three days after receiving it I pass bm & then I’m good. I haven’t noticed any extreme side effects.

I also have a dairy case, so if I dine a pizza & Miralax in the same food, I glory mix loses stools, but that is on me, not on the Miralax. If I accidentally get Walmart off-brand of it, I get adverse side effects & no stools for a week. I single take it like once a month as I prefer not to forever have drugs in my system, so the dreadful stomach pain is also on me for not taking it regularly, highly recommend. I never use anything else.

MiraLax Reviews Posted on 4/17/2020

Rated MiraLax Reviews for Other                                                        Report

Do not understand all the MiraLax Reviews(negative reviews) about this life-saving drug. The doctor recommended it to me after being on Metamucil for over fifteen years. Metamucil was not working fit for me anymore & the side effect of (Night Sweats & Constant Urinating all night long finally had to come to an end). Yet, MiraLax has lived up to its advertised drug honor.

I sincerely hope that this drug does not let me down. I have used too many years chasing different medicines & remedies to control my IBS & hemorrhoids.


MiraLax Reviews Posted on 4/4/2020

MiraLax Review for Constipation                                                              Report.

I took Miralax Reviews subsequent to my physician. It has produced severe cramps & waves of pain that do not permit you to sleep. Miralax is honestly the worst thing that has ever happened to me because the pain is so severe. When the waves of pain come, it feels like someone is spearing you with a knife & is just continually rotating the carver.

I will say that it did a little help with my constipation, but, honestly, the side effects of this drug be too much to handle for me. I will most likely not use it again if I were to get constipated another time.

MiraLax reviews of 2020 uses and side effects

MiraLax Reviews Posted on 3/28/2020

MiraLax Review for Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)                                     Report

Severe constipation took magnesium, used suppositories Barely Helped took Miralax about four days. Here it is a week later still having to sit on the pot off & on all day with stomach pain & gas. I do not know what is harmful constipation or diarrhea Probably won’t use it again for a long time

Posted on 3/12/2020

MiraLax review for Constipation                                                                       Report.

I had severe constipation following the operation done in the emergency room. The doctor recommended I try Miralax because it’s one of the safe things to take while expecting a baby. I tried one full dose at noon, & nothing happened that full-day o just had some minor gas & nausea. I get the second dose of MiraLax the next day & still nothing.

The third day I woke up with terrible nausea, stomach cramping & painful heartburn. I had these signs, the entire day; around two am, the stomach cramping boost & was coming in waves of severe pain. I started having diarrhea around seven am accompanied by the stomach cramping, it’s nine am currently & I’m still having diarrhea & stomach cramping. It’s clearing me out for sure but it’s uncomfortable & I’m hoping & praying this pain ends soon as well as the cramping. I wouldn’t recommend Miralax, it’s harsh.

MiraLax reviews of 2020 uses and side effects


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