The world’s strongest jacket made of fiber 15 times stronger than steel

The world’s strongest jacket made of  fiber 15 times stronger than steel

Dutch brand Willbach recently introduced a fiber jacket. The company claims it is the world’s strongest jacket.The outer part of this jacket is made up of 100% dyneema. which is the strongest fiber in the known world.This jacket is called the Infinite Puffer or Indestructible Puffer.its like miracle.The company that made this strongest jacket has been making Adventure Sports Cloth for many years.The company has made many such clothing so far Which can be called the world’s strongest or strongest clothing.Previously, the company has also introduced infinite hoods and paints lasting 100 years.

The outer surface of the inferior puffer is fifteenth times stronger than the steel.It is 40% stronger than armature, which protects it from being cut and torn.


This jacket weighs 2.5kg. if we deeply see the normally jackets also have same weight so as compare to other jackets we can say that this weight is simple as compare to normal routine


The interesting thing about this jacket is that it gets stronger when it’s cold outside.At a temperature below minus 50 degrees Celsius, its strength increases by 5 to 10 percent.Although the name of this jacket is infinitely puffer, Although it is not infallible.It can explode with a bullet fire. Dyneema can prevent pills, but it must have several layers. This jacket costs is $ 985 USD. so for the hard working area and heavy weight working or dangerous areas this jacket can be beneficial for safety.