3 Main Causes of pneumonia Bacteria,Viruse, etc

Complications of pneumonia

Before we know the causes of pneumonia, we need to know what pneumonia is?

Pneumonia is an infection that inflames the air sacs in one lung or both lungs. The air sacs may fill with fluid or phlegm, causing.

What is the main cause of pneumonia?

It is a lung illness show by inflammation of the airspaces in the lungs, most commonly due to an infection. Causes of pneumonia include a variety of organisms  such as,

  • Bacteria,
  • Viruses &
  • Fungi.

less most by other causes. The most common bacterial kind that causes pneumonia is known as Streptococcus pneumonia.


It is the leading cause of pneumonia, with Streptococcus pneumonia being the more common etiologic cause of bacterial pneumonia.

Bacterial pneumonia induced by Streptococcus can be the result of an infection involving this bacterial species or as a secondary infection that can occur subsequent infection with various bacterial species. causes of pneumonia


Viral pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by different types of viruses. The most common cause is the flu, but you can also get viral pneumonia from the common cold & other viruses. These nasty germs usually stick to the upper part of the respiratory system. Yet the trouble starts if they get down into the lungs.
There is are a plethora involving viral infections that can easily quickly turn into pneumonia, such as

  • Rhinovirus,
  • Adenoviruses,
  • Influenza,
  • Respiratory syncytial virus (also known as RSV), &
  • Parainfluenza Virus.
  • H5N1 influenza virus
  • Depending upon the intensity of the viral infection, the likelihood of a virus progressing to pneumonia might be high or low. causes of pneumonia

Fungal Infection

Two main types of fungi can cause pneumonia: Causes of pneumoniaCauses of pneumonia

  • Opportunistic fungi &
  • Endemic fungi. causes of pneumonia

Nosocomial Microorganisms

If these nosocomial microorganisms find their way into the lungs, then nosocomial pneumonia can develop.

causes of pneumonia

Other Causes of pneumonia

Legionnaire’s Disease

Many of us have heard about the reason why clean water is so important. We also know how harmful it can be to our bodies if it isn’t clean. On the other hand, did you know that doing so can also lead to pneumonia, not only lousy stomach pain? Harmful bacteria called Legionella pneumonia-philia can found in contaminants. An infection can develop when most likely subjected to this bacteria. This kind of can become pneumonia. This initial bacterial infection is Legionnaire’s Disease. Causes of pneumonia


It is usually a condition caused when the bronchial tubes in the particular lungs become inflamed, producing a rattling, telltale “hacking” sound. When this infection goes untreated, or even when the bacteria start to multiply, bacterial pneumonia may readily develop. causes of pneumonia. causes of pneumonia

causes of pneumonia

Weakened Immune System

When our body is fighting off some other infections or illnesses, this begins to require a cost on the immune system. When the immune system is in this weakened state, it makes us more susceptible to some other diseases & conditions. There is even a type of pneumonia that commonly originates in this way. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia is dangerous because it generally affects both of the lungs. Because it attacks the body when it is functioning in a weakened state, it makes it that easier to spread from one lung to the other.

causes of pneumonia


Occasionally there are news reports of severe outbreaks that affect a large number of people. We’ve seen outbreaks of the H5N1 influenza virus, more commonly known as avian influenza (“bird flu”). SARA or severe acute respiratory system syndrome has also become common. A body weakened simply by these outbreaks, particularly the immune system, is even more at risk of pneumonia. Of study course, it is vital to treat infestations immediately to prevent further health complications, like pneumonia.


Smoking can be the root of so many health conditions, from the development of chronic cough to more serious problems like lung cancer. However, do you know that smoking also can make a person more at risk of pneumonia? Well, it is genuine! Individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), or other lung ailments, especially when combined with smoking, can quickly develop pneumonia from different sicknesses. When an individual continually smokes through health problems, it may weaken the lungs to the point where pneumonia can rapidly take hold.

3 Main Causes of pneumonia Bacteria,Viruse, etc


When the body is malnourished, it becomes easily susceptible to a long list of sicknesses & severe health conditions. You can also add pneumonia to that list. When a particular person is malnourished, it results in reduced lung health. This is the perfect invitation for the development of pneumonia. Of course, many infections can turn into pneumonia. This severe condition can occur even more quickly when the entire body is already malnourished. The condition can lead to many illnesses, including pneumonia. causes of pneumonia

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