COVID-19 Virus

Tulsa County COVID-19 Data

Tulsa Health Department is committed to transparency. We are constantly improving how we present the data related to COVID-19 in an easy-to-understand format, so all Tulsa County residents can easily see how prevalent the virus is within their own community

Our data team publishes COVID-19 data weekly, however the numbers reflect a situation that is constantly changing. As more information is known (e.g. home address/city/county of a person identified as a case, etc.), updates are made to the data.

As Tulsa County COVID-19 data moves into our reporting system, it can take a few days to fully investigate and verify the information. We aim to provide accurate data based on what is known on the day of the update. This is why various totals (for example: city, zip code, and county case totals) may not always align or match with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Tulsa County Data Dashboard

This dashboard is reflective of snapshot of the virus impact in our community and is updated on a weekly basis. All of the panels are interactive and can be expanded.

Tulsa County Zip Code Map

This map reflects the daily active case rate per 1,000 residents and is updated on a weekly basis. All of the panels are interactive and can be expanded.

Zip Code Risk Level Guidance

Tulsa County COVID-19 Heat Maps

These heat maps were produced in 2020 prior to the creation of the interactive zip code map (above). These remain here as an available source of historical data.

Aug 9 - 15 | Aug 16 - 22 | Aug 23 - 29 | Aug 30 - Sept 5 | Sept 6 - 12 | Sept 13 - 19 | Sept 20 - 26 | Sept 27 - Oct 3 | Oct 4 - 10 | Oct 11 - 17 | Oct 18 - 24 | Oct 25 - 31 |

Nov 1 - 7

Oklahoma Data

For statewide COVID-19 data, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Additional data is available for review in their Executive Order Report and their Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report.